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Due to tecnicical difficulties..

Dell is taking their sweet ass time in sending someone out to fix my computer.


Maybe they’ll be here tomorrow.


Ciao, Blogger!

Well I’ve finally done it.  It’s Blogger’s fault really. They toyed with me one time too many so I had no choice but to jump ship.

 Word Press seems to be pretty cool. I think I’ll hang out here for a bit.

It’s about time!

Is it just me or has Blogger been a bit temperamental lately? This is the first time in about a week that I have been able to access anything on my blog other than the bloggroll. (What the hell?!) In fact I have been so aggravated with the situation that I seriously thought about switching servers….but that would have been to much work so I didn’t do it. *laughs* I’m such a slacker.


My little blogger vacation was not planned. In fact it was rather aggravating, to say the very least.

The month of August began like any other, (I’ll not bore you with the details), that is until one day around lunchtime my mother comes to my job to tell me that my phone was out of service. (What the hell? ) Honestly though, I wasn’t too concerned, I figured there was a problem with the phone line and it would be sorted out soon enough. (No big deal, right?)

But later that day I come home from work only to find that my dsl isn’t working either! (What the hell?!) So I drive to my moms house, all irate, and call the phone company. I was just beginning to tell the lady operator off when she informs me that the reason my services have been disconnected is due to lack of payment! “What?! There has obviously been some kind of mistake!” I tell her, indignant as hell, “I sent a check in weeks ago.” she continues to give me this BS about how no payment was received and I should take the matter up with the bank.

So now I call the bank. At this point it is beginning to be chore trying to play nice, but the teller who answers is one I know pretty well, and I believe her when she says she will do what she can to find out why the phone company hasn’t received payment. I wait on the line while she checks out a few things and after a few minutes of listening to her frantic typing she proceeds to tell me the reason payment wasn’t deferred was because there is no check on file! (What the Fuck?! I sent the damn thing out weeks ago!) She then tells me to try talking with someone at the post office.

Now I’m more than a little pissed off, (and since I’ve always secretly thought there was some kind of postal plot against me), I decide it might be better if I go down there in person. And as luck would have it, a friend of mine works at the local post office, so when I get there, I call her over and unload my whole sad tale. She agrees to help, and after checking the outgoing mail, the returned mail and the dead letter file, she still fails to find anything addressed to me or from me.

Now enough is enough! I’m super pissed, and all out of people to yell at, But what’s worse, is all kinds of wild conspiracy theories have started forming in my diluted little brain. So before I give in to total paranoia, I decide to check my mail one last time.

So I drive back home, go to my mailbox and what do I find? My damn phone bill! It turns out, (genius that I am), I had the bill turned the wrong way in the envelope, so that my address was facing out instead of the phone companies address. It came back the day after I sent it out and since I never check my mail, the damn thing sat in the mailbox for about three weeks! Ooops! I guess I should pay more attention to what I’m doing, or failing that, I should at least check my mail more often.