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In his first day at his new school, twelve year old Ritsuka Aoyagi meets Soubi Agatsuma, a nineteen year old male who claims to be a friend of Ritsuka’s older brother Siemei, who was killed a few months earlier. Thru Soubi, Ritsuka discovers that Seimei and Soubi acted as a pair (fighter and sacrifice) engaging in spell battles against others of their kind. Now Soubi claims he belongs to Ritsuka, given over by Siemei to act as Ritsuka’s Sentouki, or Fighter Unit.

Later, upon inspection of Seimei’s computer, Ritsuka discovers that a corporation called Seven Moons is responsible for Seimei’s death. While Soubi refuses to divulge any information, during encounters with other fighting pairs Ritsuka beings to learn disturbing things about both Seimei and Seven Moons.  Ritsuka must now discover the reason for Seimei’s murder while learning the truth about the brother he thought he knew.

Favorite Characters: Youji and Natsuo Sagan – The Male Zeros.

“Our name is Zero. It’s the start and yet the end. It’s about having everything and yet having nothing. We will bestow upon you pain and suffering. Let you return to nothing.”

These two are Hilarious! I really hope they get more time devoted to them in future issues.

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