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The question is not if I would fall at her feet, but whether I will rise again.


beds are burning

Now I ask you, what could make this song even better?

Having it was sung by the ever lovely Johnette Napolitano is a good place to start! Check it out here. if you likey you can download your own copy for a buck. sweeeet!

Johnette Live

This is my hero, Johnette Napolitano, doing a kick ass acoustic rendition of her song, Jenny I Read.

Little Conversations

The little conversation is over very soon.
And I watch in admiration from my corner of the room.
They shine on you with starry eyes, they rain a friendly storm.
Like kids around a Christmas tree and then you smile all nice and warm.

These little conversations, if I tried my very best,
you know I never could say anything in twenty words or less.
Somewhere, sometime, down the line, someday I may confess,
and tell you all. That’s all.

The little conversations, on me are very rough.
They leave me all in pieces, you know there’s never time enough.
Its like a book with missing pages, a story incomplete.
Its like a painting left unfinished, it feels like not enough to eat.

You know these little conversations, well, for me they’ll never do.
Now what am I supposed to do with broken sentences of you?
Ill stay in my corner `cause that’s all that I can do.
And let the others speak for me.
Little conversations are we.

Secret Rituals

Dance Along the Edge

Sometimes we laugh like children
Go running hand in hand
I never felt like this before
I never will again
Sometimes we cry like babies
I hold you to my heart
I just can’t stand to see you sad
It tears me all apart
And we’re so afraid and it’s such a shame
There is no reason we should doubt it
And the things we want to say we’ve never said
And we look away and it’s all okay and never really talk about it
It’s a shame the way we dance along the edge
Dance along the edge
Dance along the edge

We always seem so careful
We’re always so unsure
Our past mistakes, they make us shaky…
Eyes on the door
When do we stop searching
For what we’re searching for?
Then when it comes
We question love and try for more
And we’re happy here but we live in fear
We’ve seen a lot of temples crumble
Some of flesh and blood and love is under glass
Will we come undone?
Will we turn and run?
And will we know it when we find it?
It’s a game the way we dance along the edge
Dance along the edge
Dance along the edge

And we’ll walk the line and we’ll do our time
For just as long as we’ve been given
And pretend like we don’t hear the things they’ve said
Can we promise love?
Is it all too much?
And do our old souls still believe it?
It’s insane the way we dance along the edge
Dance along the edge
Dance along the edge
Concrete Blonde