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Picked this baby up today. Nothing brings back the nostalgia of those angsty teenage years like a bit of The Moz.


The Child Thief

“From modern day New York to the dying land of Faerie, this book reveals the world of Peter Pan through the eyes of an insecure runaway who is seduced by Peter’s charm. But any dreams of a fairy wonderland are quickly replaced by the reality of life and death survival as Peter’s recruits are forced into a lethal battle.”

What the hell?! Why am I only finding out about the mans new book now?

–Ciao Baby!

Book of the day…

Let The Right One In
John Ajvide Lindqvist

Oskar is your average 12 year old boy; shy, lonley and bullied. Then he meets Eli, the strange new girl who moves in next door.

While creepy and rather disturbing at times I couldn’t help but love this book.

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Book of the day…


“Judas Coyne buys himself a dead man’s suit. He acquires it online, lured by his sense of the macabre and the promise that the dead man’s ghost will follow the suit to its new home.

Jude thinks this is a joke. He also assumes the seller is a stranger.

He soon discovers that he’s wrong on both counts.”

This is probably the coolest, darkest, creepiest novel I have read in a long long while. Its hard to believe it is Hills first. I think, given time, he could be one of the greats.

Book of the day

The Incredible Shrinking Man

“Scott Carey is trapped in a barren wasteland. His food supplies are dwindling; every day he must struggle up huge cliffs and barriers to find a few shredded crackers to sustain him. He’s sick and injures himself more with each passing hour. And he is hunted; by a beast that knows no pity, which can appear anywhere, and is determined to devour him alive.

Scott Carey is living in his basement. He is one inch tall. And a spider is trying to kill him. “

I picked this book up not expecting to be surprised. ( I mean, I must have seen the movie version about 100 times as a kid.) Before I even read page one, I thought I knew just about all there was to know about Scott Carey’s diminishing stature, marital woes and difficulties with that pesky spider. So of course, despite (or because of) my blasé attitude, I simply could not put this book down.

“Originally a six footer, Scott Carey has been shrinking a seventh of an inch daily for quite some time now, and come Saturday, there will be nothing left of him at all.“

The story starts, with Scott stuck down in the basement of his house, fighting for his life in what he assumes to be his last week alive. At this point, he is almost more animal than man, driven by instinct to keep himself alive. He not only has to deal with the immediate threat of being eaten alive by a giant black widow spider, or of starving to death when his food supply, (a box of crackers) runs low, but he must also make ameds with his brutal, belligerent treatment of his friends and loved ones.

What’s so fascinating about this story is how Scott’s shrinking- or loss of status, forces him to realize just how important size is in terms of our everyday interactions with people. To him, and everyone else, the loss of size equals the loss of power. And as he gets smaller, he grows younger in the eyes of the outside world, essentially losing his adult identity.

girls are pretty

I recently got my grubby little hands on this lovely book of illustrations by Jason Levesque. If ever you find yourself with a bit of extra cash to burn, I would definitely recommend picking it up.

The World of Ice and Fire

George RR Martin has just signed on a new project. He, along with Elio ‘Ran’ Garcia and Linda Antonsson of Westeros, will be collaborating on new companion book, The World of Ice and Fire. According to Martin, it will include “a lengthy section on the history of the Seven Kingdoms, and a “who’s who” of characters past and present, living, dead, and legendary. Heraldry and genealogy will also be included. Oh, and maps. Lots of maps.”

Oh. My. God. I can’t freakin’ wait for this! If this new book turns out anything like the Art of Ice and Fire, it’s going to be amazing!