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Silly Meme

another top 10 list…
The Vandals
Jane’s Addiction
Johnette Napolitano
Pj Harvey
Oingo Boingo
System of a Down
Tom Waits
Johnny Cash

What was the first song you ever heard by #6?
Not sure. It was either “Blitzkreig Bop“ or “I wanna be Sedated”
What is your favorite album by #2?
X.X.X. One of the greatest albums by anyone, ever!
What is your favorite lyric #5 has sung?
“I often stare at the people passing by, but they cant see me through my window shades, Its like I’m not even there” from ’Private Life’ brings out the voyeur in me.
How many times have you seen #4 live?
Sad to say, never… but I’m sure Ms. Harvey will forgive me.
Favorite cover # 3 has done?
Johnette covered Johnny Cash’s “Ghost riders in the sky”. beautiful..
Is there a song by #6 that makes you sad?
You can not be sad while listening to the Ramones!
What is your favorite lyric #2 has sung?
“I love them whores they never judge you, cause what can you say when your a whore?” From ‘Whores’
Favorite song by #9?
Fast and Frightning is the first thing that pops into my mind, but really, everything by L7 is pretty great.
How many times have you seen #1 live?
Once, at punk fest 96
Favorite album of #5?
Farewell Live, greatest live show ever!
Favorite song of #10?
“A boy names Sue“, makes me laugh every time I hear it.
Favorite album of #1?
Peace thru Vandalism
Good memory of #7?
The first time I heard SOAD’s Sugar. all the rest of that day I kept randomly saying “Sugah!” for no real reason other than it was fun.


top 10’s

At work the other day I was talking with a buddy of mine about some new thing. Whether it be a movie or book or whatever I can’t quite remember now, anyway, what stuck with me was his mentioning how a previous version of this “it” thing was on one of his top 10 lists. This is something he has said a few times before about various other things, I never really paid much attention, but this time, when he said it again, it struck me that I have never made a top 10 list of my own. Of anything. Ever.

Since making this discovery, I have been mulling over various lists in my mind. Lists of my favorite foods, books, movies, etc. trying to come up with at least one that I can blog about. But truth be told, making a top 10 of my own has been a bit more difficult that I expected. Critiquing something in a meaningful way takes a lot of thought and quite frankly the amount of responsibility involved is a bit intimidating.

Well, since I started this, I guess I have no choice but to finish. So here it goes, my first ever Top 10 list. Enjoy.

Top 10 albums (in no particular order)
DisintegrationThe Cure
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd
Animal BoyThe Ramones
Boingo AliveOingo Boingo
Peace Thru VandalismThe Vandals
The Record Fear
ExodusBob Marley
To Bring You My Love Pj Harvey
Lights, Camera, Revolution Suicidal Tendencies

*Sighs* now I need a drink.